What Does “QUIST” Mean?

What does the word quist mean?
The power of The Original QUIST Dental!

What does “QUIST” in our name even mean?

Now with resources like Wikipedia, we know that you could be referring to a quist or aka wood pigeon.

But for our founder 40 years ago, it was a random made up word. When he was a young boy, any time he couldn’t read a word – he blurted out “QUIST!”.

It got to the point that his parents wrote out a 3×5 card and taped it to the wall to remind him that it wasn’t a word! As you can imagine with 3 brothers, it was the source of many jokes later in life. “Ha ha” he says.

So our founder decided to turn the word into something positive when creating our company.

Welcome to, “The Original QUIST Dental” distributor of the BEST retainer case in the world!

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